Follow the Unicorn


march 2017 @ Dorothy Circus Gallery – Rome

I started out from the idea of telling a fairy tale… and every fairy tale contains a little magic. Is there anything more magical than a unicorn?

The unicorn represents a fantastic world, not our world, but a world that can be seen only by someone who believes in it, or by someone who has enough fantasy to create one all for him/herself.

The rainbow is the image the most linked to the unicorn.

The rainbow represents a bridge, a way to reach a fantastic universe.

In the first work, darkness prevails and colours are nearly absent, the protagonist is symbolically
blindfolded, but fantastic creatures swarm around her. The only source of light is a butterfly, a little being that will become a recurring element in each painting: a small glimmer made of wishes, hopes and dreams that guides us in a journey through the seven colours that create the rainbow. Every work is a piece of a jigsaw: once the pieces are “collected”, we can cross the rainbow and get to meet the unicorn.

I portrayed it so that it gives a sense of continuity with the rest and I envisioned it as if it were made of the ever-present glimmering butterflies. A creature made of wishes, hopes and dreams that will only continue to exist only if we will keep on wishing, hoping and dreaming.

Paolo Pedroni